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Four local winners among 32 to split record Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo prize

Posted by Adam in Local News, 2/9, 9:45 AM

A handful of local folks will soon be at least $20,000 richer following the announcement of 32 winners in the televised Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo’s biggest-ever $640,000 prize on February 1.

On a list published on Friday afternoon of 32 winners are four identified as being from Brandon, with one having bought their winning card at a local Shoppers Drug Mart, one at Superstore and two at the city’s Walmart. 

One of those winners was Brandon’s Shane Warburton, who only started playing intently over the last month as part of a family Saturday night get-together thanks to having a number of relatives also playing the game. After winding up with a winning card after the final I23 call during last Saturday’s tv broadcast and phoning in following the win, due to the value of the jackpot Warburton chose to drive into Winnipeg on Monday to submit his card rather than take advantage of the option to mail in. 

With his windfall due to be received in the weeks ahead, Warburton plans to pay off some bills and spoil his grandkids. 

Also winning was Brandon’s Sara Aplin, who says that the most she’s won previously was a $20 scratch and win ticket. Aplin had been playing Kinsmen bingo for about six months of its record run. With her winning card en route to Winnipeg, the plan is to split winnings five ways with family.

As the jackpot ramped up in recent weeks, so too did excitement and card sales at local stores with approximately 80,000 sold across the province in each of the final weeks leading up to the recent big win. Demand that high led to many stores selling out and folks going to great lengths to track down outlets that had stock, as evidenced by an ongoing eBrandon discussion that had been started in January. 

The last jackpot won dated back to May 4, 2019. From that time to February 1, organizers from the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg have shared that more than 630,000 bingo cards were sold with $1 from each card being added to an initial $10,000 to make up the jackpot. Net sales have been estimated at about $2 million, which the Kinsmen Club are to use to donate to charities around Manitoba. 

In a Thursday social media post organizers stated that there was the possibility of the February 1 jackpot being even higher than $640k pending verifying final sales numbers with stores in the coming weeks. 

With the big prize won, the bingo continued anew on Saturday with a $50,000 jackpot up for grabs and a $5,000 guaranteed prize. Warburton for his luck was waiting on one final number once again in hopes for a back-to-back win. 

Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo will celebrate its 50th anniversary in September.

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