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A link to help you follow ongoing changes to local business hours

Posted by Adam in Shopping, 3/18, 7:02 PM

The several days have brought about unprecedented change in the community as local businesses and organizations increasingly adopt social distancing measures in efforts to help flatten the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the weekend in particular there’s been what seems to be an ever-flowing river of information of changes that have come about, with some businesses having to temporarily outright close and others making changes to how they operate. 

To help make sense of it all I’ve put together a new categorized, searchable tool this afternoon which will be available throughout the ongoing response to COVID-19 through a link that’s been added under the “COVID-19 Links” heading on the eBrandon front page as well as direct at:


The tool is setup with the same framework that the rest of eBrandon was re-designed in a little over a year ago, meaning it’s built to display across all platforms from mobile phone to desktop computer. 

In order for this to continue to be a tool that provides current information to those seeking it, I need your help whether you’re a customer or a business owner. If you know of other updates that should be on this list, please contact me to have them added. To try to have the information be as accurate as possible, if the information isn’t coming directly from business management I’m asking for a link to an announcement on a business’ website or social media to verify.

Thank you to all who have helped out so far in sharing updates and to those folks who might chip in from this point forward. I look forward to a return to normal as the world perseveres through this unprecedented time and that in the mean time this tool helps you make sense of the changes taking place in the community around us.


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