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Grey Owl menu released and its anything but ordinary

Posted by Adam in Dining, 1/18, 4:36 PM

Last week, the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts’ highly anticipated Grey Owl restaurant sold out in a matter of hours with menu yet-to-be-seen. 

Each year the limited-time fine dining experience features a new menu with unique items that in a lot of cases you simply won’t find at another establishment in our area. This year’s menu was shared online earlier today and I must say if I was on the spot and having to order there might not be enough time in a night to decide on just one full course meal out of all of the unique options they’ll be offering. 

You can find the main menu at:

and the dessert menu at:

While I wasn’t fortunate enough to score a reservation, I reserve the right to change my mind but for fun if sitting down for one meal I would go with….

  • An appetizer to start of Venesian Carpaccio & Fois Gras
  • Sweet Potato Bisque & Birch Syrup Marshmallow
  • and for the main event, the Prairie Bison Rib complete with its bourbon, balsamic & dark chocolate glace  
  • No guarantees I’d be in a position to go any further by dessert but saying ‘no’ to Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte doesn’t seem wise. 

Full details on the Grey Owl itself along with Beverage, Wine and Brandy menus are on the Grey Owl site at:

Photo credit: Ken Frazer


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