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Tuesday night storm dumps more water on an already soaked Brandon

Posted by Adam in Local Weather, 7/1/2020

As if more than six inches of rain on Sunday evening wasn’t enough, Brandon was one of many communities in Southwestern Manitoba to find itself in the path of severe thunderstorms from the South on Tuesday night as what would’ve been sunset approached. 

As was the case Sunday, the heavy volume of rain was once again the story on Tuesday with torrential precip reducing visibility to near zero at times over the course of the storm that lasted a little more than a half hour. The system was also punctuated by regular strong wind gusts. 

By the time all was said and done, many City streets were once again inundated with water. Brandon Police could be seen blocking access to Richmond Avenue at 18th street due to just the kind of regular rainwater buildup you’ve come to expect from that particular area of the city during meaningful rain events. 

Richmond Ave just West of 18th St, I suspect one big reason Police soon setup at the location

Keystone Centre/Dome Building with shades of Taj Mahal

Environment and Climate Change Canada reports rainfall to have totalled 33.7mm (1.3 inches) on the day up to midnight at Brandon Municipal Airport with additional lighter rainfall having continued into the overnight hours. Unofficially, at least some rain gauges in different areas of the city itself caught in excess of 50mm (2 inches) from overnight into the morning.

The added water in not just Brandon but the Westman region as a whole is bound to bring about more questions when it comes to potential for a significant rise in area rivers including the Assiniboine. Earlier Tuesday, the City of Brandon announced that it was preparing for potential flooding in light of recent and forecast rain. The Manitoba Hydrologic Forecast Centre’s forecast on Tuesday called for a further up to nine foot rise in the river at Brandon’s 18th Street in the leadup to a July 6-8 crest. That would amount to six feet below the dike system’s upper limit. Any effect of Tuesday’s weather on those predictions was not yet known. 

The ECCC forecast calls for showers or thunderstorms to end early Wednesday morning before a clearing for the remainder of the day. Thursday sees the return of a 30% chance of late afternoon showers. 

Updated: July 1, 6:09am. Updated rainfall totals


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