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Updated: Sky-high weekend trap counts trigger plans to mosquito fog

Posted by Adam in Local News, 7/13, 7:11 PM

Following nearly a week of swatting and scratching, Brandonites can expect some level of mosquito relief in the days ahead following news at Monday evening’s City Council meeting that the city’s weekend mosquito trap counts met and overwhelmingly exceeded thresholds required to necessitate fogging.

In a presentation to council, City of Brandon Manager of Parks Operations Bryce Wilson shared that average trap counts on each of Saturday and Sunday exceeded the 1000 needed to trigger fogging in consistency with the City's Mosquito Abatement Policy. Wilson later shared that plans are currently to begin spraying on Wednesday evening if weather goes according to plan with a second round on Thursday evening to fully cover the city. Wind speed would be required to be under 16 km/hr with no rain and the temperature would need to be at least 15 degrees. Should weather not cooperate on either night, fogging would continue on a following suitable night. The City of Brandon releases more details on plans on Tuesday morning which can be read at this link.

Putting the current state of the insects further into context, in data posted on the City website during the meeting it was shared that Saturday saw an average trap count of 1545 mosquitoes across five traps in the city followed by Sunday's off-the-charts average count of 2337. That Sunday average shattered the highest recorded daily trap average of 1688 (2014) that's shown in historical data published by the city dating back to 2010. Saturday's value itself counted as the 3rd highest number of the past decade. Sunday included a single trap at the Civic Services Complex netting 3488 of the pests, the highest value recorded in any single trap over that same ten year period.

One of the many presumed breeding grounds for mosquitos that led to this past weekend's explosion in numbers.

The City of Brandon’s Mosquito Abatement Policy is written such that fogging occurs when the average of a daily trap count exceeds 1000, any single trap exceeds 2000 or consecutive weeks rate as ‘High’ on the Adulticiding Factor Analysis (AFA) scale. Last Tuesday, a rating of 10 or Medium was reported in Brandon for the previous weekend based on an average trap count of 61.

The change in levels of the pest comes two weeks after June 28’s historic rain storm that saw a single-day record 155mm of precipitation fall on the city. The resulting standing water in the days and weeks that followed have created an ideal environment for mosquitos to thrive.

According to the City of Brandon website, when it fogs a product called DeltaGard 20EW is now used as opposed to malathion of previous. The city accepts registrations for residents to apply to have their property included in a buffer zone when fogging is undertaken. More on the City of Brandon's Mosquito Abatement Policy can be learned at https://www.brandon.ca/mosquito-abatement/mosquito-abatement-program.

Updated: July 13, 8:59pm. Added details initial plans for fogging
Updated: July 14, 11:40am. Link to City details on fogging plans


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