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Bingo fever back in full force as record Kinsmen jackpot exceeds $1M

Posted by Adam in Local News, 9/15, 11:45 AM

Manitoba’s popular TV bingo pastime has been thrust back into the spotlight this month as players vie for a jackpot that has climbed to previously unheard of heights. 

After having not seen a winner on this past Saturday night’s show, Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo’s prize now stands at a record estimated $1.15 million+.

The extra attention has led to significant demand for cards that are used alongside the weekly show, with the game’s social media account noting on Tuesday morning that most locations had been sold out in most areas for this weekend’s bingo. 

As one of five local outlets carrying cards, local retailer Jiffy Food & Video shared on it’s social media on Monday that it had received coveted stock of cards for this weekend’s bingo. More than 20 could be seen queueing up on Tuesday morning in advance of the 9am time that they were to go on sale, with all being sold out by 9:30. The store receives 200 each week, limiting sales to five per customer. 

Cards are also sold direct online through the game’s website however demand currently has October 3 as the soonest available dates cards available for online purchase. 

$1 from the sale of each card continues to be added to the jackpot, with net sales being donated to charities around the province. 

Kinsmen’s bingo garnered significant attention earlier in 2020 in the run-up to a then-record $650,000 prize. That particular prize ended up being won and split by 32 different participants in early February including four identified as being from Brandon. Alongside February’s jackpot, an estimated $2 million in net sales was earned for donation to charities. 

Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo, which airs Saturdays on CTV Winnipeg, this past weekend marked the 50th anniversary of its September 12, 1970 debut. 


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