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Path upgrades will make this a much less common scene at Riverbank

Posted by Adam in Recreation, 9/25/2020

Brandon’s Riverbank corridor continues to bounce back from the effects of floods of the past decade, most recently thanks to upgrades to the extensive series of recreational pathway in and around the grounds. 

This month has seen the re-paving, and in some places re-grading, of a long stretch of path that runs North-South up to and past the popular Red Willow Pedestrian Viewing Bridge. Path continues up to and intersecting with the city’s dike system which is now surfaced with crushed limestone more suitable for pedestrian use. Newly paved path also extends over and past the dike system around around Parker Boulevard to the Ashley Neufeld Softball Complex. 

The new path intersects with a crushed limestone path on top of the city's dike system

A wider look at the upgraded path system

Access to the pedestrian bridge and it’s trademark Assiniboine River view had been more or less limited to the less feint of heart and those with a trustworthy pair of rubber boots in the spring and during even moderately high water times. The re-grading heightens the low point enough for the path to be able to withstand higher water levels and spring melt runoff. 

The connection with the path system on top of the dike completes a loop from the Riverbank grounds, over the pedestrian bridge and back to 18th street for the first time in nearly a decade when emergency construction of the dike was necessary to hold back the coming 1 in 300 year flood waters. 

The Riverbank corridor area has had a resurgence in recent years thanks to a series of ongoing upgrades that have included the installation of the Festival Park outdoor amphitheatre, a floating boardwalk, a new accessible playground and new picnic shelters. 

In case you missed it, please check out eBrandon’s virtual tour of the grounds shot last month at https://ebrandon.ca/buzzpost.aspx?buzz_id=865


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