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89-stop virtual tour invites you to explore beauty, history of BU campus

Posted by Adam in Education, 10/7/2020

In the midst of its first full term conducted in large majority by distance learning, Brandon University stands strong in both form and function as a vital part of the fabric of the Southwestern Manitoba. 

I was fortunate recently to have been given the opportunity to create the latest in a series of local interactive virtual tours based on the campus that sprawls over more than 15 acres within the city. 

Over the course of no fewer than 89 interconnected stops you can explore indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the campus including the various buildings associated with the school’s assortment of faculties along with other buildings used to support the student population. Thanks to access afforded to me over the past week I aimed to spare few points of interest, going as far as to include views from Clark Hall’s Bell Tower along with the observatory perched high at the top of McMaster Hall and many of the historic displays found in hallways throughout. 

As a bonus the tour includes a look inside the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium, technically not part of the university though part of the same overall parcel of land. 

Anyone familiar with the panorama projects I’ve been taking on over the last few months likely knows how it works. When the image below loads, you need simply click on any of the white arrows to “walk” to the next stop. Because this tour has more than twice as many scenes as the next-largest I’ve done so far, I’ve included another way to quickly jump to specific buildings in the form of the black circular map icon at the top-right corner. Simply click that icon to bring up a campus map, then click on any of the points on the map to jump to any given building. From that point you can more easily jump to points of interest within your chosen building. 

You can jump into the tour using the interactive image below, or you can access a version that uses the most of your screen size at this link.

Click/tap within the image to have a look around. Click on the white arrows to 'walk' to the next stop on the tour, using the same white arrows to return to the previous scene where applicable. Click on the black map icon to view a wider map of the area.

As you walk about you will notice that in addition to mandating mask usage throughout buildings, many aspects of indoor spaces have been altered in lieu of the pandemic. That includes directional arrows on floors, reducing of available furniture, many common areas being made temporarily inaccessible and the covering of drinking fountains. 

Classes for the current Fall term are ongoing, largely through distance delivery methods with some support by in-person instruction where necessary. 

I’d like to thank the University and Grant from the Communications department for the access and trust to make this project happen. If you enjoyed this look into a Westman space, you might also find value in check out other recent tours including the Riverbank Discovery Centre grounds, Keystone Centre and the Provincial Exhibition’s historic Dome Building


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