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In pics: An early taste of Winter for the Wheat City

Posted by Adam in Local Weather, 10/21/2020

A snow system sweeping Southern Manitoba turned what was otherwise green into white on Tuesday and Brandon was no exception. Light snow that began early in the afternoon that had initially melted on ground contact would eventually start accumulating to the point where several centimetres had blanked the city by midnight. Though official Environment and Climate Change Canada measurements had Brandon receiving just 2cm of snow to go along with 2.9mm of rain on the day, on-ground measurements in the city itself observed at times in excess of 8cm of the white stuff.

With temperatures forecast at or below the freezing mark into next week it's entirely possible that much of what's on the ground will stick around for at least the next several days. An ongoing exchange in the eBrandon forums has entertained the idea that it might be here to stay for the season... I'll let that discussion thread do the talking on that count!

Say what you will about the white stuff, but there's a certain beauty in that first snowfall of the season... something I took the opportunity to capture on Wednesday with the handful of shots included below.

Photo Gallery

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Brandon University's Clark Hall

Footsteps through the snow in BU's Kavanagh Courtyard

18th Street

The Daly Overpass... always a spot to approach with extra caution after the first snowfall!

Livingstone Landscaping's new location

Looking North on 18th street

Tennis anyone?

The Assiniboine contrasts with the surrounding landscape as it flows into the city

Riverbank Discovery Centre

Rideau Park

Snow tops the Brandon water tower

 2-4cm+ cm of snow expected Tues. Here to stay?
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