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Hydro warns of new spoofing scam calls

Posted by Adam in Local News, 8/9, 3:25 PM

Manitoba Hydro issued a media release this afternoon to share a note of caution about a new wave of scam phone calls currently taking place in the province. 

It’s said that the calls spoof Hydro’s 1-888-624-9376 number and feature a speaker that gives the impression of being a representative of the Crown Corporation claiming your account to be in arrears and in need of immediate payment to avoid being disconnected. The scammers are known to leave voicemails with a callback number other than a typical hydro number and often provide the physical location of a Bitcoin machine for payment drop off. 

Manitoba Hydro has only four phone numbers: 1-888-624-9376, 1-866-890-3856, 204-480-5900, and 204-480-5901. No number outside of that should be called to discuss one’s account. 

They also do not accept payment via phone or Bitcoin.

During the winter a notice was issued about a separate scam related to text messages being sent impersonating Manitoba Hydro. That particular scam at this time does not appear to have the level of incidences as in the winter, though one should also bear in mind that they also do not take payment via PayPal or wire transfer. 

More on methods they do accept can be found at http://hydro.mb.ca/accounts_and_services/payment_options/


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